Make du’s Output More Useful

Knowing how much space a file or folder consumes on a partition is essential for a system administrator or developer. This knowledge allows you to plan for storage upgrades, manage and rotate files, and do other necessary sysadmin tasks. My favorite command for this type of data gathering is the du command. The du command … Read more

Weather function inside the Terminal

Want to check the weather report directly from your terminal? Simply add the following to your .bashrc or .zshrc file: Source or restart your terminal and then all you need to do is type weather followed by any location. For example: How cool is that!!? I found this works with postcodes as well, although not … Read more

Windows Terminal Elevated Tabs

Here’s how to run Windows Terminal profiles (Command Prompt & PowerShell) in elevated mode without having to run Windows Terminal as Administrator. To do so, we will use a nifty package manager named [Chocolatey](<>) in order to install gsudo . gsudo is a sudo equivalent for Windows, with a similar user-experience as the original Unix/Linux … Read more

My VIM setup

If you don’t use VIM, learn VIM! It’s quite daunting learning this text editor. When I was starting up with Linux, a colleague launched vim on my terminal and asked me to quit out of it. I was pressing Ctrl+C, escape, Ctrl+C AND escape and all kinds of key combinations but I simply could not … Read more

Make Pretty Terminal!

So you just started getting busy with Linux. 2 things: Congrats & FI-NAL-LY! Welcome to the world of ASCII, endless typing and unforgivable mistakes! The road to grasping this ancient OS is a treacherous yet wonderful one, paved with mysteries and easter eggs that continuously amaze even the most hardened and decorated digital veterans out … Read more