Migrating from Docker Desktop to Colima

Docker Desktop now requires a paid subscription for professional use and is getting dropped by smaller companies. Rancher Desktop is one of the usual suggestions, but since it uses a tool called Colima under the hood, it’s a very viable alternative. What is Colima? Colima is an open-source tool that allows you to run Linux … Read more

Make du’s Output More Useful

Knowing how much space a file or folder consumes on a partition is essential for a system administrator or developer. This knowledge allows you to plan for storage upgrades, manage and rotate files, and do other necessary sysadmin tasks. My favorite command for this type of data gathering is the du command. The du command … Read more

Automagically Download Movies and TV Shows with Docker

Tired of waiting for someone to rip your favourite TV show so you can download it (illegally!) and binge? Do you even know when it will be available in some decent, “watchable” quality? What if I told you that you can automate the entire process and even get notified once it’s available, downloaded and ready … Read more

Notes on Source Control with GIT

The Basics of Using Git Understanding the Git File System Dictionary Description commit_editmsg Plain file with commit messages HEAD Contains reference to current branch config Configuration information about our repository description Contains name of the repository hooks Contains scripts that you can add to setup some automation tasks index Keeps tracks of files in the … Read more

ArgoCD on MiniKube on MacOS (Intel Version)

? If you have an M1/M2 Mac, see this post instead What Is Argo CD? Argo CD is a Kubernetes controller, responsible for continuously monitoring all running applications and comparing their live state to the desired state specified in the Git repository. It can automatically apply any change to the desired state in the Git … Read more

Ultimate Home Lab – Dynamic IPs, CloudFlare & Nginx Proxy Manager

Consider this: Are you running several services on your home workstation/server/Raspberry Pi and would like to be able to securely expose them to the Internet for easy access, management and/or monitoring when you’re not there? If yes, then this article could be just what you’re looking for ? Intro I still use a VPN to … Read more